Saturday, April 4, 2020

Palm Sunday

Hello and welcome to Palm Sunday. This is the start of an extra special week for the church community and it starts with a party! Have you ever seen the opening ceremony of the Olympics? All the athletes parade into the arena and they are holding the flags from their countries. All the people there to watch the Games wave their flags excitedly as they know something special is about to happen.

On Palm Sunday, the people in Jerusalem were excited too. They were excited to see Jesus and they didn't have any flags so they grabbed big palm branches and waved them and cheered as Jesus rode into the city on a donkey. You can watch the story of Palm Sunday below.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. We can make our own donkeys to help us celebrate the day. Here's our donkey puppet.

You can follow the instructions to make the basic puppet in this video- but we are going to change it from a crocodile into a donkey. You can download the donkey extras here or you can design your own. 

We have a Palm Sunday colouring sheet for you to download here.

And you can download this Chat Mat all about Palm Sunday too here. This is great to read, colour, and chat about with your family.


Palm Sunday was a very joyful day. Let's take a moment to say Thank You to God for things that bring us joy. We can celebrate with the people of Jerusalem that Jesus came to show us how much God loves us. 

We can sing to celebrate God's love too. This song is great fun to sing along with and there are some actions too. 

BIG  (Stretch our arms out to the sides)

GREAT (one "thumbs up" out in front of you)

FAB (the other "thumbs up" out in front of you)

STRONG (strong man arms out to each side)

Towards the end of the song, the actions get faster and faster, can you keep up?

We have a special week ahead of us leading up to Easter Sunday next week. Check back here for Wiggle Wednesday and Good Friday.

We'd love to see your Palm Sunday donkeys if you'd like to send us a picture. You can send them in following the instructions in the right hand column. We'd love to hear from you. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

What can you see outside your window?

This week, the children at St Nicholas Chantry spent some time looking at our blog and enjoying the "Let there be Light" story from last Sunday. They have made a fantastic piece of artwork together.

We would love to share any artwork you might have made after watching a story on here. Follow the instructions in the right hand column to send your pictures in.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pandas and nostrils and trees??

Hi everyone. It's Wiggle Wednesday again and today it's one of the favourite songs in our house at the moment. I hope you are ready for a bit of a dance around the house.

On Sunday, we looked at how when everything around us is different, God stays the same. We looked at how we can notice God's creation around us. Today's song is about that creation and how God is the amazing scientist who came up with it all.

This song is called "God of Science (Our Great God)" and it's by Rend Co Kids. How many different things can you hear listed in the song? What would be your list of amazing things in the world. Would it include pandas and nostrils and trees?

This song is by Rend Collective and we sing another of their songs in church - My Lighthouse. If you enjoy these songs and would like to recreate your own Wiggle Wednesdays on every day of the week, I would recommend their album "Sparkle Pop Rampage" by Rend Co Kids. It's fantastic and so much fun.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Let there be light

Hello and welcome to Sunday on Christchurch Kids. Have you heard the birds singing today? Why don't you open a window and listen for a moment? We are spending our days a bit differently at the moment and it will probably feel a bit odd. Today we are going to be looking at God, who always stays the same. He is the God who created our amazing world and who loves us. We can see His creation all around us and it can remind us of His love for us.

Here is a fantastic retelling of the story of creation from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Have another listen. What is your favourite part of the story?

Feeding the birds
There are so many ways to celebrate God's amazing creations. Why don't you have a go at creating a bird feeder? There are lots of great ideas online.

These first two ideas are quite simple.
Or you can have lots of fun decorating the bird feeder. Can you see how they have used bottle caps to make the eyes?

If you are wondering what to feed the birds, there is a great guide from the RSPB about which food scraps can be used safely. You can see it here.

We have a colouring page that you can download here. God created the birds and tiniest insects and he also created the stars and the planets. This is Bible verse about how space can remind us how amazing God is.


There is an East African prayer talking to God about His creation.

All you big things, bless the Lord
Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria
The Rift Valley and the Serengeti Plain
Fat baobabs and shady mango trees
All eucalyptus and tamarind trees
Bless the Lord.
Praise and extol Him for ever and ever

All you tiny things, bless the Lord.
Wriggling tadpoles and mosquito larvae,
Flying locusts and water drops,
Millet seeds and dried dagaa,
Bless the Lord.
Praise and extol Him for ever and ever

Can you write your own version of this prayer? What big things would you include? What tiny things would you include?
(to "extol" means to "praise enthusiastically)

And finally, one of our favourite songs from F@CT all about our Creator God...

We would love to see your bird feeders or your prayers. You can see how to send pictures of your creations in the right hand side column. You can add comments to this post too. We'd love to hear from you. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Have you made a rainbow and put it in your window? It's a great idea that has been shared online and lots of people are doing this because it's fun to do and brings a smile to other people's faces.

We can use these rainbows to help us pray as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

In this place, we're going to say Grace!

ID 94000576 © Lavitreiu |

Hi everyone and welcome to Wiggle Wednesday. I hope you can find a good space to move around as we are going to be trying a bit of Irish dancing today.

I love the song "As for me and my house". We sing it in church and love to shout out "In this place, we're going to say Grace!", but we don't usually say Grace in church. It's a prayer for mealtimes at home. This is the perfect song to sing at home.

Why don't we all try to say Grace a bit more this week? Grace is a prayer of thankfulness, usually before we eat. Think of something you are thankful for and say "Thank You" to God - and have a wiggle to the song. There's a great bit of dancing at the end as it gets quicker and quicker. Have fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Lord is my shepherd

Hello and welcome to our first Sunday on Christchurch Kids and Happy Mothering Sunday.  Isn't it lovely to see the blue skies and sunshine outside. Today we are looking at Psalm 23. The psalms are a book in the Bible of poetry and songs and today's psalm is all about how God looks after us. Here is a great version of this psalm so have a listen...

There are so many fantastic elements in this psalm. Why don't you have another listen? What are your favourite things in Psalm 23?

A Sensory Hunt
Why don't you go on a sensory hunt around your house and try to find things from the psalm?
Can you ...
... find something as soft as a lamb?
... run your fingers through some grass?
... listen to running water and imagine the stream running through the meadow?
... collect some "wonderful things"?
... stay still as long as you can and imagine you are lying in the grassy meadow?

We have a colouring page to download here. When your page is coloured in, you could put it up somewhere in your house to remind you that God is looking after you. 

We also have a wordsearch to try here  ( and the answers are here).


We can use the words of Psalm 23 as a prayer and you can add actions to help remember the words.

The Lord is my shepherd (point to self)

 I have all that I need. (Stretch arms out wide.)

He lets me rest in green meadows. (put palms together at one side of face)

 He leads me beside peaceful streams. (Make wavelike motions with hands.)

He renews my strength. (Make muscles.)

He guides me along right paths (walk in place)

as He has promised. (Point up.) 

Even when I go through the deepest darkness, (cup hands over eyes)

 I will not be afraid (hug self)

For you are close beside me. (Point left and right.)

Your shepherd's rod and staff protect me. (Cross fists in front of you.)

You prepare a banquet for me, where all my enemies can see me (Pretend to eat.)

you welcome me as an honoured guest. (Touch hands to head.)

 My cup overflows with blessings. (Cup hands in front of you.)

I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life (turn in a circle)

 and your house will be my home as long as I live. (Stretch arms up high.)


And just for fun, here are some lambs to sing you a song about following God. Look out for the grey one - he's a bit cheeky!

We would love to see your colouring sheets or what "wonderful things" you found. Have a look in the right hand column for our contact details. You can check back here on Wiggle Wednesday for a song to dance and sing to. We hope you have a great week.