Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Standing on the rock

Welcome to Wiggle Wednesday. On Sunday, we heard the parable of the Two Builders and about how as we learn more about God and spent time talking and listening to Him, it is like building a house on a rock with strong foundations.

We have a great song today to sing and dance to which is all about standing with our feet on the rock. It says that when things get stormy, we can stand firm with God. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Two Builders

Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday on Christchurch Kids. 
Today we are looking at the Parable of the Two Builders. One was good at building a house but the other one didn't follow the instructions. 

Parables are stories that Jesus told to tell us more about God and how we can follow him. What did the story of the Two Builders tell us? 

The buildings in the story are like our faith in God. 

If we take our time to listen and learn about God's word in the Bible and talk and listen to Him in prayer, then we are building up strong foundations just like the builder building a strong house. When things get tough then we have a firm base to help us and we will find it easier to rely on God. 

Our colouring page today looks at a Bible verse from Ephesians that talks about our lives being built on God's love.

I pray that your life will be strong in love and built on love. And I pray that you will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ's love. I pray that you can understand how wide and how long and how high and how deep that love is.

Ephesians 3: 17-18

You can download the colouring page here

We have a Chat Mat too this week. These are great for colouring and chatting about!

You can download it here

You can have a go at building something yourself this week. How about making your own paper building blocks? The instructions can be found here I wonder how tall a tower you could build with them? Starting with a wide base for a foundation would help the tower grow taller. 

You could have a go at retelling the story with Lego just like our video. There are great free apps around to help make short stop animation films, such as StopMotion Studio.


Today we are going to use Lego to help us pray. 

Find a Lego or Duplo brick.

Hold the brick in your hand and take a moment to be still and quiet. Pray for yourself. What would you like God to help you with this week.

Count the bumps on the brick. Pray for someone else for each of those bumps. Pray that God would help them this week.

Find a brick that is a different colour. Thank God that we are all made differently and we all have special things we are good at. 

Find a brick that is the same shape. Thank God for our families and friends and those who look after us. Ask God to help us be friends to people who might be feeling lonely.

Use a few bricks to build a small tower. Thank God for our church and our community. Ask God to show us how we can include people in our community and help them feel loved. 

Our Bible verse today talked about how wide, high, long and deep God's love is. Here's one of our favourite Sunday morning songs with high, wide and deep actions...

We hope you've had lots of fun building today. We would love to see some of your building projects or animations. You can send pictures in using the instructions in the right hand column. We hope you have a fun half term and we will be back on Wiggle Wednesday.

Half term fun

Following the success of Spring Harvest Home over Easter, the Spring Harvest team are back for half term. 

You can look forward to an episode of Virtual Sunday School on Monday at 9:30am, two brand new editions of Big Start Extra on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:30am, a ‘Thought for the Day’ from Bob Hartman Tuesday to Friday at 10:15am, Bible Buds for toddlers on Thursday at 9am, Doug Horley on Friday at 11am and much more.

You can find all the Spring Harvest Home videos on their YouTube channel here

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

All around the world

Hello! It's Wiggle Wednesday today and we've got two songs to listen to today. The first one is a quieter song and the second will have us dancing around the house. 

Our first song has been made by children all over the world, including the UK, France, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Thailand, China, and Kuwait. We can't meet up in our church building on Sundays at the moment but the church family is still loving God and following him together online all over the world. Isn't it exciting to know that we are part of that huge family. 

Isn't that an amazing song!

Are you ready for a dance now? This is a song we usually play before F@CT on a Sunday. It is so much fun. 

Join us again on Sunday for more adventures with Lego. 

Creative Colouring

We hope you have all been enjoying our colouring pages. We've been sent a picture of this fantastic colouring from our friend E from Christchurch. Hasn't she done an amazing job! We love the stars she added in the background.

You can now find all our colouring pages easily using the tab at the top of the page. 

We'd love to see pictures of any of your colouring, crafts or prayers you have been working on. You can send them to Emy at sundaychildrenandfamiliescoordinator@christchurch-clevedon.org.uk

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Guardians of Ancora

There are lots of new games online at the moment as well as things to learn. Scripture Union has brought those two things together with an exciting new game to play that helps us learn more about the Bible. It's called "Guardians of Ancora."

When we are online, it is very important to stay safe and so if you would like to learn more about playing Guardians of Ancora, please ask an adult to help you get started.

There is more about the game on the Scripture Union website here.

Guardians of Ancora have their own website too here.

Here is a video from YouTube which gives you an idea about what the game is like. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

How can we pray?

Welcome to Christchurch Kids. We hope you've had a great week. We are joining in with our whole church today again as we look at prayer.

When Jesus was on Earth, his disciples asked him how we should pray. The answer he gave them is what we now call The Lord's Prayer. We usually say it together on a Sunday and it looks like this.

We are going to try to understand the Lord's Prayer a bit more. We don't think that  Jesus meant we could only use these exact words. He was telling us the type of things we should pray about. 

Here is another version of the Lord's Prayer told in a way that might make it a bit easier to understand.

There are lots of different ways to pray. Some people like to talk out loud, some like to think quietly and some like to sing. Here is a version of the Lord's Prayer which is a song.

We're going to go on a scavenger hunt now. Can you find something...

...with a smiley face on it?
...with a heart?
... soft like a feather?
...sparkly and precious?
... something royal?
...to build with?
...to eat?
... clean and dirty?
... hard like a rock?
... to keep you safe?
... really awesome?!


We're going to use the things we found on our scavenger hunt to help us to pray the Lords Prayer.

Our Father in heaven
Find the smiley face object, the heart and the item as soft as a feather.
These represent gentleness, happiness and love to help us think about what heaven is like.

Hallowed be Your Name
Find the sparkly, precious item.
Hallowed means honoured or special. This represents that we honour God and think he is amazing.

Your kingdom come
Find your royal item.
God's kingdom is where God is King - in the world and in our hearts. We are saying that we want God to be King.

Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Find your heart item again.
This means that we want what God wants to happen.

Give us today our daily bread.
Find something to eat and something to build with.
We are asking God to give us the things that we need.

And forgive us our sins 
As we forgive those who sin against us
Find something clean and something dirty.
These items represent that God has forgiven us for the things we have done wrong. We were once dirty but now we are clean. We ask God to help us to forgive people who might have done something wrong to us.

Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
Find something hard like a rock and something to keep us safe.
The item that is hard like a rock represents difficult times when things feel hard. The item that keeps us safe shows us the God will be with us and keep us safe.

For yours is the kingdom the power 
and the glory now and forever.
Find your really awesome item.
This part means that we think God is amazing and awesome and will be forever.


In the book of Romans in the Bible, it tells us to pray at all times. This is the verse on our colouring page today and you can download it here

We have a song about praying at all times...

We hope you have a good week and we would love to see some of the objects you found on your scavenger hunt. You can send us photos using the instructions in the right hand column.
We'll be back for Wiggle Wednesday!